Playing music Is something that all of the band members enjoy. This group is fortunate to have an interest in a wide variety of music and that is reflected in their song choices. This band will give you pop, rock n roll, and everything in between.


They have the ability to perform soft standards or the traditional wedding march as you walk down the aisle. They can play jazzy tunes during your cocktail hour and then turn up the volume performing great dance music at your reception.

Corporate Events:
It’s always difficult choosing the right band that can appeal to a wide age range of people that have varied backgrounds. Well, look no further! KC & the Moonlighters is the group for you. They can play music from 1950 to today’s hits. This group will have your peers talking year round about the fun they had.

Private Parties/Pubs and clubs:
Have your guests/patrons sweating and dancing the night away. We all know the more fun they have the longer they will stay. Imagine coming in the door and being able to recognize most of the songs, you are able to sing along to tunes and if you want to get involved the band will encourage you to come up and have some fun with them on stage playing a tambourine and singing along. It just doesn’t get any better than that.